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Yep, that sounds like a line of crap to me. Why would an internal sensor be affected by a lift kit? That is stupid. This reminds me on an episode of the Simpsons when Homer was looking at buying a new car. A "mob" assassin took a few shots at Homer and hit the hood of the car he was next to. When Homer noticed the holes he asked the car salesman what they where, and the salesman said "ahhh... those are speed holes."

shrpshtr is right about what he said. Be assertive. Don't let them push you around. When I found rust on the hood (of all places) (internal rust, slighty bubbling the paint, no reason for that on something that new) 2000 Ferd exploder my wife just bought, we took it back to the dealer and told them to fix it. He tried to explain the reasons for it. I told them I did not care what the reason was...we wanted it fixed.

He hemhawed around aboud how they would have to send it out to reshoot the paint and made it sound like it was more of a pain in the azz than it was worth. I told him to fix it and call Ford about reimbursement of his costs. It is getting fixed.

Anyway I would not drive that thing off the lot without that truck being fixed. I would tell him the lift-kit excuse thing is a bunch of garbage, and walk away. (if he chased me down I would ask for $3000 off the asking price for me to buy it now) See how he acts. If he can't be strait with you...screw him. Buying a car is a game. Call the bluff even if there is none. They make cars and trucks everyday...they are not in short supply.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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