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Need some truck info

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All the chevy vs ford vs dodge stuff aside, what do you guys think of a dodge 1500 with the V8...not the hemi. Reason I'm asking is I'm about to buy one, saw a great deal on it , it's a 4-door, short box, good suspenssion lift with some 33's or bigger ) floor-board and tires come up to my hip and I'm 6ft tall. It's a gorgeous truck, badass and all, it's got 49k on it and dealer is asking 11,000 for it. Oh, it's a 2002. One thing that is bothering me is that the check engine light is said service checked it out and it's an o2 senson reading that he says is common on lifted trucks cause all the air that flows under em. Yea, sounds like BS to me, but it comes with a warranty and all, whatcha think? The light is the only thing that bugs me, any of you guys have this happen when lifting a truck, the light come on for some BS reason???? Info is appreciated
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shocktroop- i had a 99-1500 and the check engine light came on.....drove it for a month or two and finally had a chance to get it in....the computer said the problem happened 8 starts ago and 153 starts was the pump on the overdrive....."reduces rpm at high speeds"....the button on the end of shifter....luckly the dodge computers hold histories of codes....

now i have a ford and they dont hold codes....the only bad part of a ford...otherwise its a flawless truck

now the 1984 toyota...the only thing close to a computer is the digital clock on the dash....even the radio is pushbutton
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