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Need your input on a boat!

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Hi guys, I have been thinking obout getting a boat for duck hunting and some fishing. I have never hunted out of a boat before. I found a 14' welded alluminum boat for sale. can this be turned into a duck boat. i.e. will it take paint. can i attach blind material to it easily enough.

here is the link. If you have the time to give it a look i would appriciate it. please let me know of any ideas that you might have.
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She looks like a real good deal. A lot of stuff on her for the price, and it could easily be made into a duck boat. However, I have heard from others who have painted boats that unless you do the right prep work
(and I can't remember for the life of me what to do) the paint will flake off like nobody's business. If I estimate it right you've got a good boat on your hands that will go great all around (fishing, hunting etc.) for only a little extra cost. Best wishes!
Looks like a good sized boat. Somebody on here told me that painting those boats is a pain, but I've never personally tried. Have you seen how that 5h.p. motor pushes that boat. I've got about a 10' boat with a 5 on it. I haven't loaded it down yet but I'm a little worried about it. Anybody know how that 5horse would push that boat.
i had a 9.8 merc on a 14ft lake jon and it pushed it great...i would think the size vs. load would be close to your setup.
itll do but it sure aint no flat bottom. if ur hunting open areas and big lakes/rivers it will be ok but sure wont go in any 6 - 0 inches of water like others would.
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