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Neighbor's Unattended Dog

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I am in HS yet and a buddy in my grade who lives 2 house away from has a yellow lab. Well, its his stepbrother's dog (stepbrother is 20 yrs old or so) and won't let me or my buddy (his stepbrother) try to take it hunting. My buddy is on my side and we still have to talk to his stepbrother about it but he's not living there this week. Its 2 years old and its not fed everyday and stays in a 10' by 10' cage with a dog house. The poor dog never leaves there. I want to save it more than I want to train it, but I'm friends with the owner and I'm not sure if I should report it to the animal cruelty people? If you can follow my story, I'd appreciate any advise....thanks!
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thats [email protected], no dog should be treated like that. I'd be straight with my friend and tell him to talk to his brother either about putting it up for adoption, letting me (you) have it, take care of it properly (feed, water, bathe, walk, and get out of pen) or you will call animal cruelty on him. Just make sure to have your friend tell his bro that you are worried and if he gives you a hard time, report him. Your friend shouldn't mind since you said he's on your side. BTW, why doesn't your friend feed and walk the dog?
I'll do my best to try and talk to both of them to at least give the dog attention. My friend complains about it because it barks, but if I was that position I would bark too. He's too lazy to feed it, I have to push him hard to get out hunting early. Maybe I can convince him to let me take it for walks and feed it but keep it down there with more room because my parents would not let me have a dog. I can't ahve one inside because my dad and sister have too many allergies. I've already been trying for years to get a dog but that's not happening. Thanks guys!
ya, I would not just "try" and talk him into it. I would insist that he gets his brother or himself to take care of it, or you WILL report him. Tell him you are not joking, and make sure he follows through with his actions. Some people, believe it or not, are too stupid and irresponsible to own a dog. I remember my parents telling me "Are you sure you're ready for a dog, they're a big responsibility?" and I've heard other parents telling their children the same thing.
Sad thing is, is that this is all too common of a problem across the country. Just look at your Sunday classifides. I know the St. Louis paper has well over a hundred dog ads each sunday, and keep in mind some of these are puppy ads so there are anywhere from 1 - 10 puppies in the ad. There is no way all these dogs are going to good homes!

I'm sure your friends brother thought that it was so cool to have a little cute puppy, and I'm sure it got fed and watered consistently while it was a puppy. People just don't understand the responsibility of owning a dog.

The only problem I see with calling animal control and reporting animal cruelty is that if the dog doesn't get adopted out of the shelter it is put in, then it will most likely be euthenized. This is probably not likely since it is a full blood lab, but it is possible. I would do as other have mentioned. Try walking the dog and feeding it yourself if you want to help.

Awesome picture QuillGordon
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I just got back from walking her and she's a load of fun. My buddy talked to his step-brother and he's allowing us to feed and walk her. I think he just put a bunch of food down there because we said something because her dish was full. She did not eat when I was down there or when i tried to hand feed her but loved the dog treats I brought to praise her. I also had sunflower seeds and she tried to find and eat every shell I spit out. I can tell she's hungry, but why wouldn't she eat her food?
Sometimes when dogs are nervous they won't eat. Mix in some soft food, some cottage cheese or mix an egg in and I bet the whole bowl dissapears lab style...

This is GREAT news to hear. Walk that dog all you can, take her in your yard and throw bumpers for her, take her swiming.. I hate seeing dogs get mistreated.

I have been thinking about helping the local shelters out by taking in younger fullbread labs and starting them on obedience and retrieving. Keep them for about two months and give them back, they would probably get addopted pretty quick if they were up on obedience and started on birds, retrieving etc......

Gald things are looking up :thumbsup:
If thing's get back to where they were, and the dog is bieng mistreated, and you don't want to turn him in, tell him that you heard several people in the community that were going to turn him in for abuse, and mention to him the fine's that go with that!!! It's a shame to keep a dog penned up play, work, and love her all you can. I keep my 2 1/2 yellow lab male inside as much as possible, he's treated just like one of the kid's, and probaly get's to eat a hell of alot better than I do. Kid's keep sneaking him food under the table I think. :yes: It's true dog is man's best friend if you let them be!!!
Now, the stepbrother is being trying to help somewhat by buying bones and rawhides. I guess he figured he needed to get his act together. But I understand the situation now, he had a kid when he was still in HS after he already got her as a pup and had no time for her anymore. But I can't turn him in now if he's gonna let us take care of her and help to buy treats for her.

She's still skin and bones, but likes the egg in her food. It seems like she eats too quick and chokes a little. She always trying to pull away real hard on the leash but has stopped trying to chase cars on the walks. I know I have to keep her under control on the leash, but she seems to be choking a bit. She's very ancy but I gotta love her. I hate walking away from her cage every night.
A pinch collar would put an end to her pulling on you like that real quick. I don't know if you have access to one or if you want to buy one, but here are some little tricks. Once you have her walking with slack leash, (to where she is not pulling on you the whole time) then you can start some heeling work. Just walk with her and don't say anything to her. When her attention is not on you, make a sudden right or left turn and give a little tug on the leash. You'll be amazed how fast the dog starts walking at your side and looking up at you for direction.
The choking bit is what I say about "lab style". Try mixing in just a few table spoons of cottage cheese with it. Canned food is also higher in fat and she can get some size back on her a little quicker with canned food.

I got my chessy from the pound after someone had neglected him. He was right at a year old, he was shy, gunshy and had no obedience. heres a pic last night looking proud after all his retrieves.

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Have you asked him about taking the dog to the vet, if it already hass not been there? Sound's like she might need some wormer. And to the guy's with the picture's they are awesome I have to get me a digital camera, so I can get some shot's on here!!! :thumbsup:
If you have a place to keep him Steal Him leave a note telling him it was taken by an animal rescue org. or make it look like the dog got out and ran away Sometimes you gotta bend the rules a little.
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