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Nesting in Your Neighborhood / Area?

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How much duck and goose sex has been going on in your neck of the woods?
Been an ineresting nesting season around here. We've got a pair of Malletts in the field behind us with some Kites right over them in a eucaliptus tree. I'm wondering if there'll be a conflict later on.
A guy on another forum has a pair of honkers nesting on the 5th floor of the building he works in. I didn't know they'd do that one, but according to some it happens with some regularity.
Just curious...

Rel Atwood
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The only nesting Iever see around where I live, The San Fernando Valley area, is at the local ponds. :thumbsdown: Not anything for me to write home about, sorry.
from what I understand, we have some nesting birds in the flooded timber area we hunt at down south around Orange County.

Up here around Sacramento, a great family friend has a flooded marsh on his property with close to 75 wood duck boxes full. Besides that, he has mallards nesting as well. I have not seen anything else nesting...not to say that they are not.

On the golf course today I saw over 50 honkers and a lot of gooslings with if they get their arses off of the course...we may have some more geese around :getdown:

Other than that...not much....but from last I heard, it should be a GREAT nesting season....only time will tell I suppose.

Jeff Given
today i was talking to the forman at work and right behind him a pair of mallards flew 10 yards off the ground. it was crazy. they flew across the street to a empty lot full of grass and flowers. later i went to look for them, mostly because of this post, and the drake was standing guard while the hen fed. i figure they'll be at it soon.
Best overall local nesting conditions I've seen in my observation areas since 1999. Saw my first brood on April 6th.
There are tons of ducks and canadas nesting on Bair Island here in Redwood City. Last season was my first for duck hunting, so I've not paid much attention in past years and have no idea how it compares to previous seasons. I have recently started seeing some baby mallards and canadas when I go running out there.
Down here in Orange County there are tons of mallards. Looks like 3 to 4 drake per hen. We still have a ton of water and the birds are everywhere.
2gps there's a few ponds real close to you in the Winetka Estates that houses many, many Honkers. Minutes from your place. There's a good amount of ducks and geese in the Chatsworth resevoir as well
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