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New Call for this year?

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Hey boys, I've had the same calls for a good 5 years or so now so I figured I'm about due. Granted I admit absolutely nothing is wrong with my lanyard, but if I was here to save money and not buy unnecessary gear I would've quit a long time ago. Right now I am equipped with the RNT MVP, and a Zink double reed (Cannot remember the name). I'd love to try new things out, I love how much range the MVP has, any ideas?
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RM cold weather fan (CWF). The call is just fun to run. And Ron is just a good guy to deal with.

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Rick has been hearing my current love afair with cut-downs on another forum. So, I may as well put a plug in for them here.

I have ran conventional calls for the most part of my duck hunting career. Was introduced to cut downs this past season and saw how they worked for ducks around here, and was hooked. They just flat kill. However, I will admit, they do not work everywhere, but, where I hunted this past year, they were awesome.

Rick has me interested in the mvp as he talks highly of them. I also want to try the ccc snub nose. Only going by a sound profile, they sound really good to me. However, what sounds good to me does not always work on ducks.

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