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I have bought 1/2 dozen G&H super mag. Canadas. I also bought an Ameristep blind for 90 bucks at our local walmart. My friend bought some more Flambeau convertible floaters/field decoys with converta heads. He also bought 4 Flambeau Judge decoys for 85 bucks and an Ameristep blind. I still plan to purchase a dozen more standard G&H shells and either some GHG fullbodies or Bigfoots. My brother has to buy some new duck decoys. We bought a couple dozen Remington Mallards and they suck :thumbsdown: I will never buy them again. We sold them on Ebay and got what we paid out of em and some. Then he is going to buy some snow goose fullbodies and we will be set(hopefully). I also bought him an Ameristep blind. As of now we have 1 dozen standard G&H shells, 1/2 dozen super mags., 4 Flambeau Judge decoys, 12 Flambeau Canada floater/field decoys, 2 Canada feeder butts, 250 snow and blue rags, a snow goose magnet(plan to buy about 2 more), and our 3 blinds. Hopefully we will slaughter some ducks and geese. Good Luck to All as the season is approaching fast.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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