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Thanks "Dog" and SC.....

NOW....I know there alot of NH waterfowlers out there!!!!! Please try to post more often!!!!!

I have topics on the boards from LAST YEAR for Goodness' sake.

The waterfowl season is finally over for us.....I am sure there will be some gunning for crows soon and I plan to get out for snowshoes later this week as the warmer temps are reducing the snow pack in my favorite haunt.

Who else is doing what else!!!??????

I shaped a couple dekes this weekend - will make the weighted keels today and fit the heads tomorrow. Anyone else interested in decoys? I was planning to put together a sortuv get-together at my place in early spring (before LL season) to work on foamers and burlapping. These are easy to make, inexpensive, durable and very effective decoys - and just plain fun to make and shoot over.

I have also been working (more like thinking) on the boat(s) I will be building this year. Any boatbuilders among us!!???

Glad to be here withya....let's crank it up!!!!!! :salude:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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