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New Series On HBO

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Have any of you guys seen the new series on HBO called John Adams? I love that s--t! It's basically a drama about the American Revolution. I'm gayly posting this because I'm an American History nut. It's very inciteful and gives a good portrayal of the social climate of America as it was in the 1770's Well worth watching if you like that sort of stuff.
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I have been studying Iroquois (Seneca) archeology for about twenty years and have acquired a sizable collection of artifacts from the mid-1500's to General Sullivan's destructive march through the Iroquois nation in 1779. It's interesting to read about history and even more interesting to actually investigate history.
The Iroquois were used as pawns in a power struggle since the first European contact. The Dutch, French and English all had their own agenda and expansionist policies and used the Iroquois against each other. The Iroquois confederacy were constantly at war, either with the Europeans or other tribes and thought nothing of traveling as far west as the Mississippi from here in cental NY to kick some arse to settle a grudge.
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