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New Series On HBO

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Have any of you guys seen the new series on HBO called John Adams? I love that s--t! It's basically a drama about the American Revolution. I'm gayly posting this because I'm an American History nut. It's very inciteful and gives a good portrayal of the social climate of America as it was in the 1770's Well worth watching if you like that sort of stuff.
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It's too bad that most people only think of the Plains tribes when discussing Native Americans. The Eastern tribes were incredibly interesting and what a lot of of folks don't understand is that the Plains era (if I may) came at the end. And much of it was caused by the Iroquois and others moving or being displaced westward. The Sioux were originally a woodland tribe and the Comanche were mountain Shoshone.
Hey Capt. thanks for nothing I stayed up until 2 in the morning last night cause they showed Jon Adams 2 and then 1. That small pox scene was nasty. Good show I am recording it from now on. What happened to the Comanche Moon series?
Comanche Moon came out on DVD a couple weeks ago. Wife got it for me and the dang thing won't play on this laptop, upgraded format.

Hey JRock, if you have the function I think it's on ondemand. The Addams series.
I watched part 2 of it tonight (saw part 1 sunday) and I loved it and then i flipped over to the western channel and Dances with Wolves was on and I just thought it was a little ironic. I went from being proud to be an American to like, wow we've done some dumb [email protected]#t
Ya randy I Dvr'ed it. Like tivo. I will watch the first 45 min tonight the only part I missed last night.

How many parts to the comanche moon series did you get? I tivo'ed it and only got two and the story wasnt finished. I was wondering if they cancelled it. I read both lonesome dove and streets of laredo and I was looking forward to the whole thing.
I think, since I haven't sat down and watched it yet that Com. Moon is about 5 or 6 hours. It's 2 discs with some features. Hey I could watch it instead of hanging out on the computer :stouff:
They must have cancelled the series then because I only got two episodes that total maybe 4 hours. The guy that played Gus was really accurate in his mannerisms. He copyed robert duvall perfectly. The guy playing Call was crap.
No they did what they wanted. It was supposed to be a mini-series like Lonesome Dove was 20 years ago. McMurtry wrote the damn books out of order. I think because he didn't realize how popular they'd be. Yeah, the guy did Duvall perfectly. Tommie Lee Jones is hard to copy.
You guys completely hijacked my thread and I hate you both for it. But since it's already been done, I started watching the Last Lonesome Dove series and just couldn't get inot it. it needs to be played all at once, don't space them out 20 years. in my opinion.
I can't sit and watch anything anymore because I: a. drink too much coffee and am always highly caffeinated, and: b. am now messing around on DHC too much.
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