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New to coastal and south

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I've been popping woodies and mallards in the north zone for 15 years and I'm looking to give the coastal and south zones a shot, maybe see some species I don't normally get a chance at. I have a friend with a place down near Cape May. We're looking to do some scouting this off season. Any suggestions with a boat ramp that far down? You don't have to give me the GPS coordinates of your honey hole (though you're welcome to), just a general idea would be great.

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Thanks for the replies. I'l be checking out Dennis Creek, Macnamara, and some other nearby WMA's. If anyone knows where I can find a spot to walk in the Cape May Coastal Wetlands WMA for a Saturday afternoon hunt somewhere near Avalon or points south, just let me know. Duck crusher, I sent you a PM.
Thanks for all the replies. Here's the scouting report. In the south there were birds everywhere from the fields to the ponds and riverlets. They must have known it was safe. Dennis Creek held a few dozen blacks just off the boat ramp. Macnamara had a pond with near a hundred pintail, as well as some blacks, mallards, mergansers and geese. After crossing the parkway it was an entirely different story. Fewer birds than in the south zone, and most that I could see were close to homes. Brant were all over the place. I ran into a few hunters with similar stories of high numbers of brant and a few ducks.

With a little luck and some more scouting this summer I'll see some of you down there next season.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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