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Okay so I’m seeing lots of great feedback and advice and I’m learning a lot. I called BPI and they recommended me get longshot. I’m kinda on the fence because a lot of forums say not to use long shot when reloading steel. If I get long shot I saw a good recipe for 30 grn long shot with 1 oz of #3 shot with a csd100 wad claims to be hitting 1400 fps. I also say a recipe for 25 grn of hs-6 shooting 1 oz of #3 biting 1200 fps. Went to the local shop today and the guys got longshot, new shipment of titewad, hs-6, a shipment of super handicap, and a few bottles of WSF. I don’t care about recoil but I do care about getting decent results without putting 35+ grains of powder charge per shot (trying to stay somewhat economical). I also would like to be able to start out with a powder that’s somewhat easy to find so that I can just rebuy the same components when I run out and I k ow where to find them. what are y’all’s thoughts on the available powder and recipes.
Longshot will work well with bismuth loading as well, so you have that option.

I’ve loaded some of the 3” 12gauge 33.2gn loads of LS, they work, but there’s a bunch of unburnt powder
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