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A New York bill will create a new taxpayer funded office that will fight for the animal rights movement.

Assembly Bill 4306, introduced by Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz, D-Brooklyn, will create an Office of Advocacy for Wildlife. The office will advise and assist almost every entity in the state including the governor, legislature, local governments, and state agencies on issues that pertain to wildlife conservation.

One of the office's objectives according to the bill will be to "study, develop, encourage, and provide assistance for non-lethal management of wildlife."

This objective is a covert move to introduce anti-hunting ideas into the scientific management of New York's wildlife.

Furthermore, the duties of the Office of Advocacy for Wildlife created by AB 4306 are already carried out by the state's Division of Wildlife and Department of Environmental Conservation. The Division and Department use scientifically based evidence when making wildlife management decisions. They have a stellar record of success in conservation and wildlife management. Assembly Bill 4306 is merely a vehicle to use tax dollars to advocate the political agenda of the anti-hunting movement.

Take Action! New York sportsmen should contact your assemblymen today and ask them to oppose AB 4306. Explain that the new office will contradict sound wildlife principles and duplicate services already performed by the Division of Wildlife.
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