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Anyone fly fish near the Capital Region? I don't fish, it kind of bores me to be honest, but I have been watching alot of Fly Fishing videos as of late (have no idea why) and I think if there was a type of fishing I could get into this would be it.

Again, I don't fish, I hardly even know when the seasons are but when I get into something I get way too far into it (would practice casting techniques constantly, and would master fish ID before ever entering the water).

That said, anyone fish streams or whatever in the Capital Area (within 1.5 hours of Albany) for Trout? If so can I come and observe or maybe try and not get in your way?
This is what I'm talking about With or without Sting and the Police.

NOTE: Don't ask my why I never liked fishing, I just didn't get it previously. I grew up every summer in my families lake house on Lake George and other then dropping a line for dock dwellers every day out of boredom I can't say that I have ever really fished. This summer in Cape Cod we went bottom fishing and the fight of a sea bass was probably what has gotten me interested.
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