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New Yorkers Sales Thread

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After that Watertown ***** thread (which is just too far for me to travel for ammo) I think we should start a nice thread for people to point out sales/deals, local or otherwise. I'll start:

Great products, right now their decoy bags are on sale. Down from $20 or $30 to $12 bucks. I can't find a decent bag anywhere for that cheap.

Also their LST Wader length coat is $150, down from $250.

If you see anything else out there, be sure to post up.
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There seems to be enough interest to start a New York Sales Thread. Lets put it under a sticky that way it won't get moved down the line then lost. So what do you think?

9311 did you get my PM??
I guess it's just a Mod thing couldn't remember
I'm going to start a New York Sales Thread. I think it's a great idea that ninethreeeleven had, hats off to the man. So in the future could you post and maybe repost what you already have put up here on all the good leads Thanks 870
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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