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New Yorkers Sales Thread

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After that Watertown ***** thread (which is just too far for me to travel for ammo) I think we should start a nice thread for people to point out sales/deals, local or otherwise. I'll start:

Great products, right now their decoy bags are on sale. Down from $20 or $30 to $12 bucks. I can't find a decent bag anywhere for that cheap.

Also their LST Wader length coat is $150, down from $250.

If you see anything else out there, be sure to post up.
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T-MAN said:
i really like macks prarie wings
After I posted this thread I went right there, and then to the Cabelas bargain cave or whatever they call it. But there was just nothing worth while (though Macks had a goose call at like 50% off).

I can say this, Sports Authority has NOTHING on sale. Went there today "just in case" and 3" Winchester steel was $18.99 a box!
Bluebill by Fiberdome, $900. Seems to be the going rate for a used one, but someone here might be interested.

It's about halfway down the page. Heading is "Duck Boat" ... 0Equipment :no:
I should note that the boat I posted is not mine and I have no ties to it. Just seems like a purpose built boat. Also, the guy selling it has other boats listed so it's probably a dealer of some sorts. I scoured the net as best I could and didn't find one under $900 used. Most were $1000.

Todays find is small:

Drake EST shirt, $39.00 Even the Drake site that I previously linked has it for $10 more. Also they have good sizes available.
Yeah, I forgot to reply. Got it at like Midnight and I went to bed shortly after.

Thanks of the heads up. And no I don't have the sticky ability, at least not that I can see.
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