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newb to yote hunting

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new to predator hunting: after the previous white tails season i noticed the yotes are out of control! crazy huh?

so ive been doing a little studying and brainstorming. i want to bait a area near my hunting grounds.

so i decide i would take a 5 gallon bucket cut the bottom out and put chicken wire over the bottom. im gonna take old hamburger, chopped up fish scrap and anything else i can find around my resturant also whatever else i can find in friends freezers. then hang the bucket just high enough so they can pick pieces of scrap out from the bucket. high enough so ***** and skunk leave it alone and hanging so crow dont bother with it.

i plan to check the bait often so my scent will be around and theyll undermind the scent and focus on a annual meal.

being there is 2 feet of snow and temps in the teens most nights the bait is going to freeze. dont no what im going to do about that. hoping the little piece will still be able to be pulled threw the holes

ill be using a ak47 in .223 caliber taking shots from 50 -75 yards. a tree stand is in the area if needed.

i plan to let sit for 4 weeks til our next full moon.

your thoughts, info, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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so my hanging bait is just kid in a candy store thinking? freeze it with water? what about the days its above 32? so you just make a frozen bait pile?
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