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I'm from the wrong side of the state, but...

Lake St. Clair has public areas. I believe St. Johns Marsh can be waded, but I'm not sure.

Shiawassee State Game Area in Saginaw county has morning drawings for hunts at 530 am.

There are more than a few managed areas on the thumb in Saginaw bay.

Many of these areas may freeze soon, you can ask any east side members for reports.

My advice is to go to and enter the hunting section. Then go to the "where can I hunt" link. This should have a list and maps of all state game areas and a map for all public lands in the state. Find a game area with a small river you can wade, (huron river for example), put out 6 decoys, hide and hope it works. LOL

You might also consider walking or canoeing a river through public land. Ducks are hard as hell to jump shoot, but I've been successful doing it occasionly. and (state forums) are also helpful resources.

Good Luck, but be warned...
Once you get hooked its over. You'll do anything (and spend everything) to kill ducks. :laughing:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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