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Note to Taxidermists on Forum

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I welcome all taxidermists onto the forum. All your knowledge combined will greatly help our visitors with their questions and ideas for their upcoming mounts.

At the same time, I would ask that everyone please remember that we have a No Spam policy here in effect to protect our forum sponsors. Simply put - the forum isn't the place to solicit and advertise your business if you're a non-sponsor. They pay to keep this place going, and I would appreciate it if you respect their contribution to this community.

Here is a reminder of forum policy:

If you're interested in sponsoring the site or this forum - give me a shout at 701-866-1909. More information available at:

Thank you everyone for your cooperation.
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I would like to add a comment on what Chris has already stated. I want people who are posting a piece that they got back from their taxidermist to refrain from posting the taxidermist's name unless they are a paying sponsor. If someone asks who mounted it, and they are not a sponsor, please PM them the details.

I understand that you may be happy with your mount, and likewise the taxidermist who performed the work, but we have a difficult time differentiating between spam in the form of trolling, and someone just proud of their work.


Pete (Taxidermy Moderator)
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