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The New Wildlife Resources Card

Effective April 13th, 2005 the Department of Natural Resources has stopped accepting requests for replacement of the N.S. Firearm Hunting Certificate (orange card), in preparation of introducing the new Wildlife Resources Card.

The new Wildlife Resources Card will eliminate a number of problems which currently exist:

reduce confusion with the Federal Firearms card.
master number not unique to client
clients with more than one card
no way to identify active clients
no expiry date

Due to the lack of an expiry date on the old card, there are over 1/4 million people registered in our database, while in reality we estimate that there only 60,000 to 80,000 hunters in Nova Scotia. The Department has no way to determine how many of these clients continue to be active and interested in hunting and/or furharvesting activities. The new card will eliminate these problems.

It is essential that our clients have a Wildlife Resources Card as proof of their certification and training to participate in hunting and trapping activities. The new Wildlife Resources Card will also allow the Department to more effectively interact and correspond with our clients. It will assist us with maintaining accurate records of harvest and related use of Nova Scotia's wildlife resources, which in turn will support sound wildlife management and decision making.

Who needs a new card?
Current holders of a NS Firearm Hunting Certificate, furharvesters, guides, fur buyers, taxidermists, deer hide buyers, pheasant preserve operators and nuisance wildlife operators.

How do I apply for the new Card?

All of the above mentioned clients can apply for and obtain a FREE card beginning June 1st, 2005 through to December 31, 2005. After January 1st, 2006 the cost of card will be $ 6.25

Apply by phone by calling toll free
Line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

Master Number from your NS Firearm Hunting Certificate (Orange Card)
Full Name
Birth Date
Eye Colour
Mailing and Civic Addresses (including separate postal codes where appropriate)
Telephone Number, and if available
your email address.

New hunters wishing to obtain a card must attend both the Firearms Safety Course and the Hunter Education Program and hunters moving into the province must provide proof of training and pay the $6.25 fee in order to obtain the Wildlife Resources Card.

The new card is valid for five (5) years. Current holders of the NS Firearm Hunting Certificate do not require re-training (i.e Canadian Firearms Safety Course and/or NS Hunter Education Course).

Customer Service
As the new card will no longer have "the tombstone "information (ie address) imprinted, it will be unnecessary for clients to replace their new Wildlife Resources Card just because of address change. Customer service issues (ie: name spelled incorrectly, wrong eye color, etc.) or change of address information can be directed to toll free 1-888-896-1207

Should you need to replace a lost Wildlife Resources Card call 1-900-565-2786. The replacement card will cost $ 5.75

Benefits of the new card

convenient size, fits into wallet,
durable plastic,
unique identification number,
no need to replace card, just because of address change,
Wildlife Resources Card has a sequence number on it so if it is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated so it is no use to anyone else,
will allow the Department to better communicate with it's clients,
will provide capability to report activities online, and
assist in maintaining accurate records of harvest and related use of our wildlife resources, which in turn will support sound wildlife management and decision making.
If you have additional questions regarding the new Wildlife Resources Card, please contact your local Department of Natural Resources office
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