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NRA Bashing

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Why do so many people here think that the NRA is not a worthwhile organization? I have read more negative comments about the NRA in recent weeks on this sight than I ever heard in my life. Are there instances where gun owners object to their stance? Or is this political because the NRA generally supports republicans? Republicans generallyare stronger on that issue than democrats. Shouldn't they support people with the most pro gun backgrounds? What other reasons are there? any specifics?
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Where you there? Did you hear the way that man proclaimed that statement? Did you hear the crowds reaction? If you did you would know what I mean. I also never claimed it as a original statement. Mr. Heston has proven himself by his actions and statements. Your statements on the other hand are negative towards gun ownership. I asked for specific instances and you provided some. Whether you know this or not, just because someone doesn't speak english doesn't mean they can't own a gun. Legal US citizen should not be denied gun ownership. PERIOD. You complain and have a stereotypical response to a legal gun sale. The funny thing is he was probably a NRA member. I also didn't direct anything to you Mr Wacker. why choose to critcize me at the end? You have a poor arguement and it seems to me like your running out of ideas to back up your views. BTW I only pick on anti's. Think before you type and I won't say a thing. If you chose to enter these discussions be prepared to defend yourself. why do I need to comment on you? Everyone else is ripping you and your arguement to shreds.
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So what have we come up with about the NRA that is negative? What happened to all the outspoken disdain? Wackem and I have agreed on many other subjects so I feel his heart is primarily in the right place, Does anybody else have anything?
Every gripe against the NRA here is because others won't do their part.If the police, judges and congress did its job you guys would have nothing to say. Criminals buying gun is a police matter. The NRA is great but their not crime fighting superheroes. Their job is to blanket gun ownership right to americans. It sounds like most of you guys take more issue with law enforcement than the NRA
captainduckhead said:
. In fact if you were making a list of people that would like free ammunition for a year, delivered by Kate Moss herself, I would still like to stay off it.
ok so I don't care for kate that much. How about that blonde from that "gettin close" show. imagine that hottie in her mossy oak camo with a load of ammo in her arms. I'd be on that list. Wow I'm getting excited. oohh nnooo sssttiicckkyy kkeeeyyysss!
Some people think that being original is more important than being smart. Your a rebel. I'll bet you almost got run over as a kid because you think you don't have to look before you cross the street. Some peoples advice should be heeded. Like your moms and the NRA. You'll also want to watch the name calling, if you had any legit points its lost in your childish assumptions about NRA voters.
jrock, any good site about Ms Tiffany? She needs to get into maxxim or something.
Now that's something we all can agree on. Tiffany. Unless your a limp wristed pansy boy. Then your fruity opinions are going to be about her nail polish. But if she painted them MAX-4......i might even like polish. Hell she could paint my toes... Oh wait that's the pansy stuff I was talkin about.
I just googled "tiffany lakosky bikini" wooooooo! is she stacked! riding that elephant and her bowfishing in a bikini just gave me daydreams till next duck season. Even her crawling in the creek with a knife in her mouth is hot. wow.
I'll tell you what I tell anybody else. If I called your mother a ****** idiot would you be offended? Because if you called my mother that you'd be picking your teeth out of your **** cause I'd knock them down your throat. Insinuation is just as bad as a direct insult. And if men talking about women is too much, try the disney chat rooms.
Well let me tell you I agree with you on some points. I am in a situation myself. I'm a union steelworker. I do not follow the agenda that the steelworkers practically insist apon. I catch grief because I would never vote for a anti gunner president. Right now, a democratic vote is empowering the party with the most anti gun views. If we are not vigilant in our defense of our freedoms we become easier targets. If organizations like the NRA didn't exist, we wouldn't have the freedoms we get to defend. All I'm saying is I would rather have a vicious dog gaurding my freedoms than a beagle. So be it if the gun fearing part of our society is scared. They should be. Most of them don't have a gun to defend themselves. Who would you have safe gaurding our freedoms? some eunich? If they didn't exist who would take the reigns? The republicans? democrats? Who would lobby on behalf of 25 million gun owners? The grim reality is that guys like george soros and his gun free america would come to fruition. That scares me more than a Barrett .50. At least now I can defend myself.
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Specialty ammo or handloads throw the self defense arguement out the window in PA. That shows premeditaton and intent to inflict suffering. Don't shoot someone with those things. shoot them at plywood from 20 yards. That's all their good for. Neat stuff though. Ever seen those door busters loaded with powdered magnesium or the bolo ones? those are neat too.
I know its hard to believe but its true. They say that using ammo like that is cruel. You also can't unload a 30 round mag into a home invader. The idea is to stop the break in and protect yourself. Not massacre someone. If they can sue you the will. Its all about violating the criminals rights. My buddy had a burglar break in to his custom chopper shop. (black dog choppers) His pitbull grabbed the dude and he tried sueing him because he didn't have a "beware of dog" sign. unbelieveable. Jrock those are called "bird bombs" bet you can guess what there used for.
You've got to be kidding me. Anyone with a GED could read that was not what you made it out to be. People started defending calling other people ****** idiots because they don't share the same beliefs. Funny, no moderators saw fit to tell me anything. That's because they know that the gentleman who posted saying that admitted he was too harsh by calling people that. Only after that example was posted he saw what he wrote for what it was. Did you bother to read the post before or after mine? You will also never stop me from being me and if I come off as a tough guy to you, that's good, your getting the right impression. BTW how would you react to someone calling you a ******idiot to your face? I deal with things. No free passes. Zero transgressions unhandled. I speak my mind. It seems you do too. However prematurely it may be.
You've apologized before. Just because someone else might have skipped over that and missed our positive communications afterwards doesn't mean you have to restate your case. Sometimes in the heat of the arguement we all push the limits. I understand the frustation with "Sheople" That herd mentality has got to be one of the most frustating things to encounter in a rational debate. The only thing I think is worse than that is someone who without reason goes against the status quo. Not because they have just cause, they just hate the "system" and anything systematic they rebel against.
Where you in charlotte at the members dinner when he said that? That was during the assault weapon ban and many people saw the ban as the first stepping stone in the effort to eliminate private gun ownership. The crowds reaction was AMAZING. Not one person there thought it was creepy. Everyone who was there that night was proud to be in the same room with that man. If you were there, speak up. if you were not, don't give your second hand account of peoples reaction. You only take from your own credibility when you make those statements. Why can't anyone stay focused? All these tangents have NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. That's just as bad as the rhetoric that 20bolt complains of. What most people seem to have issue with is experiences with individual members. Some people are fanatics. Whether its church, video games, or star trek, every group has them. I think I even know some fanatical duck hunters. Like the kind that would talk about hunting every day even out of season. Like I do with you guys.

I wish we could defend our freedom and country with sausages. I'd bring the buns.
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I'm done arguing on personal levels with people. It seems the object has been to divide some of us further and that was exactly what I didn't want to happen. I started this thread hoping it would take a positive turn and get some nuetral people to fall on my side of the fence. I'm a constitutionalist. I take the second amendment literally. I believe that the founding fathers would want us to keep pace with the weapons that may be used against us. The idea of combating fully armed invading troops is enough to make me own a AR. I have said my piece. So all things personal aside,

I wave my magic wand, POOF. The NRA is gone. Do you think we are better off?

This is a honest question, since all of us can agree that there are fanatics in all groups, why hasn't the liberal media made something of murders or violent criminals who use guns being NRA members? Has there been any and I didn't know about them?
don taylor said:
I wave my magic wand, POOF. The NRA is gone. Do you think we are better off?

Well are we?
I am
Pillowcasr said:
don taylor said:
That's all you got? :rofl: :rofl:
dudejcb said:
what a surprise...

don't worry Don, there's no such thing as climate change,

Ok chicken little, the sky is falling
How do you fit hunting gear in your prius? I'll bet your "green". Keep buying and they will keep selling to you. Supply and demand of misinformation is what we have here.
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