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NRA Bashing

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Why do so many people here think that the NRA is not a worthwhile organization? I have read more negative comments about the NRA in recent weeks on this sight than I ever heard in my life. Are there instances where gun owners object to their stance? Or is this political because the NRA generally supports republicans? Republicans generallyare stronger on that issue than democrats. Shouldn't they support people with the most pro gun backgrounds? What other reasons are there? any specifics?
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It's not just about guns! It's about all of our rights. For the first time since 1939 the U.S. Supreme Court is currently reviewing the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If second-amendment rights are taken away, doubtlessly lesser rights will follow. Gun rights are a natural target for those who would control us. First, politicians view guns as contributing to general disorder and as facilitators of assassination. Second, guns are perceived by some as inherently dangerous, fearsome, instruments of mischief. Those people have developed a strongly-felt, core distrust of all gun owners. Then there are the communications media. While staunchly defending their own First-Amendment rights, they shamelessly and deliberately exploit violence in order to build audience for their advertisers, then blame gun owners. There are those who are genetically programed with pathological certitude, narcissistic self confidence, and the obsession to control others. Some of them are in our government, some are not, but they have the power and the will to deprive gun owners of their power. Not only do they want to control gun owners, they want to control the rest of us, too. Perhaps the greatest of all dangers to our freedoms is that there are those among us, who are so consumed with fear and insecurity, that they would give up their rights and responsibilities, so that government could "take care of them" by controlling everything.
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Wackem, are you one of those no gun no crime guys?
what is it that you don't like about the NRA? Your responses are just kind of general, it is kind of hard to address them if you can't or won't get specific.
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