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NRA Bashing

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Why do so many people here think that the NRA is not a worthwhile organization? I have read more negative comments about the NRA in recent weeks on this sight than I ever heard in my life. Are there instances where gun owners object to their stance? Or is this political because the NRA generally supports republicans? Republicans generallyare stronger on that issue than democrats. Shouldn't they support people with the most pro gun backgrounds? What other reasons are there? any specifics?
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wackemstackem said:
I was appalled when that kid walked out of that store with a chinese sks ak knockoff.
If you think thats ok join the NRA.
When I was 18 I walked out of a gun store with a colt ar-15, 4 sks's and a handgun. I had hair to my ass and was wearing berckenstocks and a ripped up dead shirt. the most serious crime I have ever committed was bieng on plane in a boat on a NO WAKE LAKE. By your criteria, I guess I shouldn't have been able to buy those guns? what about the nra isn't perfect. I'd like to know, list'em
prius isn't as green as the marketing would lead you to believe, the batterys are the reason, they are not green at all to produce or recycle
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