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NRA Bashing

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Why do so many people here think that the NRA is not a worthwhile organization? I have read more negative comments about the NRA in recent weeks on this sight than I ever heard in my life. Are there instances where gun owners object to their stance? Or is this political because the NRA generally supports republicans? Republicans generallyare stronger on that issue than democrats. Shouldn't they support people with the most pro gun backgrounds? What other reasons are there? any specifics?
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Is the NRA important yes, is it perfect no. This is just like someone that says everything the Repubs do is right and everything the Dems do is wrong. Its silly to think that one group of people is perfect.
Great point Matt J I agree with you 100%. Finally someone found something legit.
Heck ya I saw Red Dawn. No commie cubans gonna get my guns. Oh and PS dont try and talk sense into Tom^ he's got his own thing going and it never works. Post more jokes T- money.
You mispelled "Bound Men"
Tiffany Lakosky, one reason I mastered onehanded net surfing.
Ya dont call people names you weenies. Talk about a hangover today. Thank god I took some Chaser or else I would be pickin my liver out of the P trap in the sink.

Look kids Big Ben!
I agree with you 20 bolt, except for PETA cause I just dont like them much. But your point is well taken by me. I dont like it when people are to crazy about anything and that includes the big 3 sex religion and Politics. He did insinuate but whats the dif when everyone flips out and threatins him? Jeez guys lets just try and pick out the good and calmly discuss the things we dont agree with, backed up by facts. Or we could organize a giant wiffle ball game to decide the winner. your pick
All I'm saying is I would rather have a vicious dog gaurding my freedoms than a beagle.
Good point you gotta take the NRA for what they are. The opposite of the anti gun groups. Fire with fire and all that, someone else pointed that out and I think the NRA serves a valid purpose they get more blame and credit than they deserve. They are like you said not a law enforcement org. But they arent perfect and I see both sides.

On a lighter note I enjoyed myself today at a gunshow. Its nice to know there are guys out there crazier than me about guns. Capt Duck head, I saw a guy selling those flare rounds but they looked just like real shotgun rounds. I also bought 4 rounds that were filled with "flechettes(sp)" Little darts. He said they were the best home defense load ever, you should of seen his face when I asked him what they would do to a goose!
Dont know what Door buster loads your talking about but buckshot works good also. I have seen the bolo rounds nasty. We have those one rounds that dont hardly make a sound when you shoot them then they go like 200 yards and blow up so freakin loud.
I was a NRA member for alot of years but I just got sick and tired of the letters saying Charles Schumer is going to Take your Guns and then eat you! Send money now! Ya they need money but Im with the capt. on this when he said they have some crazys. I like that they are working for gun rights but there methods are a little shady. And one more thing, you said to pick one high up management type person that might be kooky. How about Mr. Heston. When he screamed out of my cold dead hands. That wasnt motivating it was creepy. Just think about it this way what if he was talking about sausages. Would you want the president of sausage savers of america yelling from my cold dead hands? But, like I said before they serve a purpose, countering the anti's and I am for that and for sausage.
Just cause someone is the loudest one talking doesnt make them right. Funny how whenever someone has an opposing thought or arguement some people make up some stuff about how they have no credibility or there thought process is wrong. Nope not me, I have the ability to take other people differing opinion and see it for what it is. If I dont like it I research it and give facts to the contrary. Some just say they are wrong. Some people talk about how they hate people that want to buck the system just for the sake of bucking the system I dont like it when people stick with something even when they have been shown its faults. I have heard people say that there is no such thing as global warming and that Drilling in ANWR will solve all of our oil problems. These are the same people that get mad when the baseball investigations get Partisan. Whats the difference when people go with whatever the Donkey or Elephant tell you to do. Those guys can keep there heads in the sand and I will go lookin for ducks. No I wasnt in Charlotte I watched it on TV and it was creepy.
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Does your wand work on the Anti's? Use it on them first then Ill answer.
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