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Well, the first month of duck hunting is over and I'd thought I'd share my results with the rest of you. Please feel frre to use this forum to do the same.

Oct 9th was the Zone 2 opener and three of us went to Summer Lake for a 21 duck, 2 specklebelly shoot. A lot of the ducks were gadwall but we got pintails, widgeon and mallard too. **one gadwall was banded** That was pretty cool.

The next weekend was pretty slow for me, just a few mallards and teal for a couple days of solo jumpshooting in the valley.

Oct. 23 was the first day of the NW goose season. Dad and I hit up a feild in the Valley. Three groups of Western Geese was all it took for limits...2 out of the first, 1 out of the second, and five out of the third!!!

The next day Dad picked chip #8 on the Westside at Sauvie Island. Mud Lake number 9 yeilded 14 widgeon, mallard, and pintail for another excellent hunt. **and another banded duck--this time a greenhead**

The 30th of the month took us back down to summer lake in search of the beautiful snow goose. 5+ hours of driving there and another 5+ hours driving back, in addition to the 4 miles of a hike into the marsh proved to be quite a lot of work....but it paid off. Limited on snow geese with a Canada to boot. 7 geese in under 2 hours. Could have shot a ton of ducks but we did not want to pack any more weight back to the truck. Sometimes it's nice to just target one type of bird, especially when the hunt is a sucess. WoW!! what a hunt.

Needless to say...we slept in on Sunday. Can't wait until the upcoming weekend. We are headed east to Boardman. Lets hope November brings more of the same.

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Waterfowlhammer said:
Yah the spot that I hunted you just pass shoot them since its right next to the refuge and there isn't a place to put out decoys. Its great hunting in that spot if you know where to go.
You'll have to show me some time on a map or something. Do you mean theres no water to put out floaters or just no place? Would FB work?
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