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off season blues

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I am starting to have major withdrawls. Just under five before we can go out and practice on some doves. I can not wait untill these six months go by. I look forward to having duck fajitas once again.
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I find myself stopping what ever I am doing if i hear or see ducks and geese in the sky. I Havent been able to stop thinking about next season. Its in my blood and in my soul. I wonder if there is a
twelve step program for guys like us.. I dont think i would ever have the strenght to go though. On another topic, I just bought a Basin abomination II call from my buddy barleysoda. I love it. It is my first "real" call. Sounds real good and is realativly easy to blow. I am learning how to blow it. Hopefully by next season i will be good enough to take it out.... :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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