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I have been hunting for years, but only recently started calling. I used to just let all the others do the calling, but found myself doing a lot of solo hunts this year and broke out the call.

According to the ducks, I'm much better than I've ever given myself credit for :)

My favorite call I own is the RNT Original. It is working great. But I want to go louder.

Can you recommend a loud single reed call? I'm leaning toward the Daisy Cutter. Is that RNT's loudest call?

Thanks for helping a novice out.

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Bluesky2012 said:
I have an original and don't find the daisy cutter to be that much louder. The MVP is a little louder but all pale in comparison to the volume a Mondo can put out.
While the Mondo is louder to my ear, the three year trial I gave one didn't prove it as effective at distance as the MVP, and it wasn't as though I didn't want it to be. (By contrast, a Stanley Deceiver proved its worth, in that regard, early in its first season.)

Daisy Cutters, both early half-scroll and recent, haven't been in the same game.
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