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I use 4-6 drake Ppintails myself. But being G&H does not make a true hen S Mag pintial and I use the Smags, I go without. I usually put the Sprig amongst the Mallards in a group to give a different look to my spread. If I they had true Smag hens, yes I would use them.

My Mallard spread is more hens than drakes. Often the ducks are eclipse feathered first part of season and by Nov they are getting their orange feet which means they are looking to pair up, so more suzies in the spread means more oppurtunties for them. --like a sorority house party--Often I've had several drakes light right next to a couple of hens with them thinking "hey baby, what you up to" and can not figure out why they are not responding to them and then they go oh oh when they see me stand up and they get up! Yup their sex drive got the best of them as they are laying feet up a kicking. Easy pickings :hammering:

Just be glad the ducks do not use decoys.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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