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Opinions on a marsh

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Hi all, I'm new to duck hunting.

I've stumbled on what appears to be a roost marsh. About 10 acres, basically a slow meandering stream that widened out in a pothole. Lots of corn fields nearby. Surrounded by old and second growth forest. Duck weed and other stuff in the marsh. Seems to be spring fed. 2 doz ducks seem to just stay in the marsh unless flushed.

I'm wondering if this could be a great hotspot later on if we get a freeze. But I also wonder if I should leave it alone if it's a roost. Any thoughts from you veterans?
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Sounds like heaven with cattails. You are right in thinking that as water freezes up, this may become a real duck magnet if it stays open when others are frozen. At the same time, it sounds like a great place to hunt any time. I think you should hunt it now and occasionally during the course of the season. While a person likes to give ducks a place to rest unmolested, we are hunters and spoiling a duck's day is what it is all about. Be careful not to over hunt the pond but not to hunt it at all seems like a waste. I been looking for that pond for years here in SD and if I found one just like it would hunt it discriminately all season. Visit it occasionally and secretly, but visit it with a few decoys and enjoy it.
As stated above, hunt it just don't over do it. ~~ Lived in CT in the early '80s, hunted the Thames for Cans and 'bills alot. Did plenty of inland hunting on private ponds/marshes North of Norwich and the Pachaug area. Really liked Barn & Great islands and the CT river where the Salmon comes in.
I have a hole on my deer lease that sounds Identical to that. When the river gets up it flows in there. it's about a 4-5 acre hole in the middle of the woods with a bunch of willows on one side of it. Each year there are about 25 -35 mallards that will usually stay there for a while. THe hunting is excellent after a big cold front or when everything is froze up. I KNOW from experience that you can't over hunt it. EX. Last year me and a buddy went in there, put out only 9 decoys and waited until shooting time, about an hour away. We got there really early so we would be set up by light and not spook the ducks on the way in. Everything went perfect that day, both got our limits. Went back the very next morning and only killed 1. So we waited almost a week to let things settle down there and went back and got our limits again. So what I'm trying to say is, after you hunt it, let it rest for a few days and then go back for more! Just remember these few things and you will be fine. Don't over hunt it, use a small amount of decoys, only stay there as long as you have to and don't leave your dekes out overnite, and get there early enough that you don't spook all the ducks out when you go in, because chances are they won't come back for a few days. HOpe this helps out and good luck!! :salude:
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excellent responses....I agree completely on all counts.....SELECT a day here-n-there for those 'sure thing' hunts.....for special hunts etc.....and let it also sounds like with a channel there will be open water until it gets frigid.....if ducks already are there, they will bring bretheren and the action will get hot on those cold winter mornings!!!
Thanks all for your replies...I hope I get my deer soon so I can enjoy some more hunting at this marsh. In the meantime I'm going to scout for more areas like this. Cobra, been meaning to get out to Barn Island, is that the kind of place you can hunt with waders or do you need a boat?
Again, thanks all!
you could hunt it in that canoe of yours....but be'll be limited on where you can go.... Great Island in LYme is another great spot to use the canoe....just always try to travel with the is hell in those creeks when alone paddling against the tide (and if against the wind forget it)...I learned the hard way there and had to get a tow once (and there were two of us) fact, I got a kayak just to hunt Great Island channels....a super one-man 'tool'......there are some better unimproved launch sites other than the state one that are closer to good spots, which I will let you know through PM if's been a few years since I hunted there, and it can be a 'zoo' with alot of idiots, but getting into the back creeks you'll avoid all the commotion
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