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opinions on holding or dropping bird

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Should I be trainning my lab to hold the duck until I give the release command or bring it back and drop it? If it is hold it how do you go about trainning that techhique?
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TX, if the dog is still young, praise the heck out of the dog when it has the retrieve object in its mouth. As soon as the dog drops it, stop praising. Also, when the dog drops it at your feet, take two steps back. Praise again when the dog picks the object back up. This will teach the dog that you like when the thing is in the dogs mouth.

Oh yeah, your first question: It is definitely preferable to have the dog hold until you give a release command, but if you are happy with the dog dropping the bird at your feet, then that is all you need, but it is nice having a dog hold until commanded otherwise.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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