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opinions on holding or dropping bird

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Should I be trainning my lab to hold the duck until I give the release command or bring it back and drop it? If it is hold it how do you go about trainning that techhique?
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If you have ever had a dog drop a winged duck at the waters edge, only to have the duck swim away and make you chase it for 20 minutes while other ducks are flying over, then you would definately want your dog to hold the bird and deliver to hand.

This process is called "force Fetch" it is the foundation of all advanced dog training. It how your dog learns to take and turn off "pressure"

I don't know how old your dog is, if he is under 6 months, then you need to wait on his adult teeth to come in.

If he is younger, then you need to do as gsphunter said, encourage and praise your pup when he brings it back to you and gives it to you without dropping it at your feet. Give no praise when he does not give the bumper to you. Also don't punish the dog if he drops it at your feet, just don't praise him.

If your dog is older, then you need to start doing a lot of reading on the subject of "FF" There are many articles on line about this subject. Also do a search for it on this site, I finished it a couple of months ago, and about 3 months ago, I asked for help with it on this site, and i recieved some great advice on it. I had a rough go of it, but i stuck with it and kept a cool head and we got through it.

Good luck

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