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Maybe I can help. I have hunted out of a couple of Beavertail blinds. I own a MudBuddy QuickFlip.

The Beavertail is a bit faster to set up. If you are in a situation where you want to erect and collapse the blind many times per hunt (no dog to get your birds) this may be an advantage. Visibility is a bit better on the Beavertail because you stick your head out of an opening in the top. This allows full 360 degree movement to see everything. The downside is that with that movement comes detection by birds. You have to keep your head really still when the birds are working. Slouching down where the top of the blind is at eye level, resting the bill of your cap about an inch above the top of the blind, allows you to see and (hopefully) the birds will not make out your face.

The Beavertail is a durable blind and as others have said, it is very cozy in the cold and wind with just a small heater providing warmth.

As for the MudBuddy, it takes slightly longer to set up. I mean just a few more seconds. In my opinion, it looks better than the Beavertail. Extra shock-corded fabric tapers down over the bow and over the motor, fitting tight like a shower cap. The Beavertail looks more like a camouflaged giant shoe box versus the profile of the MB. The tapered ends make it look more like a natural land mass.

The retractable cover on the MB is worth the price of admission. First, you stay drier in the rain. This is because you have solid cover over your head, versus sitting in a hole. Second, the MB provides critical overhead cover. You can really move around inside the boat even when the birds are right overhead. Pulling back the retractable lid involves tugging on a strap, standing up and shooting. There are viewports out the back of the blind to see birds swing from that direction. The front opening runs the length of the "shooting box" and is adjustable for height. I have mine set at about a 12" opening.

The crossbars holding the MudBuddy frame to the gunwales of the boat are recessed lower than those on the Beavertail. My buddy and I both run mud motors and the sunken MB design makes for less interference with the handle of a mud motor.

Both are excellent blinds and each have their advantages. I think the QuickFlip's pluses outweigh the Beavertail's and so it gets my vote.

Hope this helps.
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