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Original SBE in Max-4???

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Does anybody know if the original SBE was ever available in the Advantage Max-4 camo? I just picked one up. Not sure if it is an after market finish or not. The label on the box from Benelli says Max-4 on it. So I'm hopeful that it is a factory finish. I've just never known, or thought, it was available in that finish until the SBE II took over.

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Took a better look at the label that was on the box. There was another Benelli label under that one. States that it is ST Matte. I'm assuming that is matte black. The label that is above it looks like offical Benelli USA though. Right down to the bar codes. A factory refinish maybe? I guess my question now is if Benelli USA does refins? Nice shotgun none the less.
Well I know this one was acquired from a shop that went out of business. And it is supposedly new. It didn't look like it was fired to me, except for the factory test round. Even if it is a factory redone gun they did a decent job. I would assume it was by the double label. I've just never heard of them doing that. Of course I'll need another barrel. They were pushing it as a turkey gun since it had a 24" barrell. I guess the Max-4 would be good if you hunt turkey in a field of some sort. It was perfect for me because I prefer the sbe, not a comfortech fan, and love the Max-4 camo.
It's definitely a sbe 1. Has the sbe 1 forearm and end cap. It also has the non plastic trigger group.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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