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Hi everyone,

I was told I might want to post this topic in here for better results. I am wanting to find someone that could take my dad and I on a hunt in Southwest Kanas for a Lesser Prairie chicken hunt. And Maybe go out afterwards to hunt some pheasant and quail. Were not looking for a hot barrel shoot, we would like to be able to get at least 2 chickens a piece and a few pheasants and quail a piece for the hunt. And I know from other guides I've talked to that there is also an option sometimes to go a little bit north and get some greaters' which would be the greatest thing we could ever hope for. The problem is that so far with guides that do just the chicken/pheasant/quail hunt, it's been running upwards of $300 per day, and with gas the way it is as well as out of state licenses, we just can't afford it. So if anyone might be able to do something like this or know someone who does, PLEASE let me know and just shoot me an email and we can see if something can be worked out.



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