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I have a few and have used them for waterfowling every now-n-then....but they are expensive and I just can't bring myself to pound them around in a boat, blind or salt water rocky areas, I also have a couple of the Stoeger Condor is a 20 I just got and I will use it this next season. I have to disagree with Thaner on some of the lower end doubles....but I also agree that some are just not there....I like the Stoeger but I do not like the Fausti or the Baikal.....remember it is personal preference......for example the Stoeger - for me - has a good balance (especially the 20), excellent wood, crisp trigger, single selective trigger with ejectors, good bluing....on the other hand the wood to block fit underneath along the trigger guard is not too great and the checkering is shallow. I was willing to give in those issues for a third of the cost of my other doubles. If the dog knocks it over I will not cringe either. I consider these guns as workhorses and not range pieces.
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