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PA goose banding dates and meeting locations.

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2005 Canada Goose Banding Schedule

June 20 (Mon.) SE Region : Milton Hershey Farms - Dauphin Co. Meet at 11:00 at Swatara Creek near intersection of boathouse road and Sandy Beach, north of Hershey.

June 21 (Tues.) NW Region: Band at Pymatuning WMA. Meet at 0730 at Food & Cover Headquarters. PM band at Goodard State Park, Mercer Co. Meet at main marina.
SE Region Meet at PGC SE Regional Office at 0730. Banding locations at Kaerchner Creek Park , Mac farm near Oley, Berks Co, and Warren Point farm near Knauertown, Chester Co.

June 22 (Wed.) NW Region: 0800 Meet at Seneca Landfill pond on Hartmann Rd near Seneca school Zelinople, band geese in southern Butler Co.
SW Region: PM band at Elderton and Shelocta, Indiana Co.
SC Region. 0800 Meet at Home Depot, exit RT 34 S. of I-81 in Carlisle, Cumberland Co. Band at Opossum Lake, Big Spring Fish & Game and Shippensburg.>

June 23 (Thurs.) SW Region: 0730, meet at Indiana VFW golf club pond. Band in Indiana Co at VFW, Orthodox camp and Yellow Creek State Park. PM band at sites to be determined in Somerset Co.
SC Region: Meet at SC Regional Office at 0730. Band at sites in Huntingdon Co; Standing Stone Golf Course, State Prison. Blair County - Canoe Creek State Park. Meet at Park 1:30PM.

June 24 (Fri.) SC Region: 0730 meet at Travelodge motel in Bedford or 0800 at Tom Dick wetland near Pleasantville. Band at wetland near Pleasantville.

June 27 (Mon.) NW Region: 0730 meet at Southwest entrance to Lake Latonka (dam breast). Band geese in Mercer Co. PM band at SGL 95 in Butler Co.
SC Region: Haldeman's Island, Perry Co. Meet at Island at 0800.
NC Region: Union Co. private pond near Mifflinburg. Allenwood Prision/SGL 252. Meet at prison gate at 1:00PM. Lycoming Co., Hansen Quarry near Montoursville. Meet at Quarry approximately 3:00PM.

June 28 (Tues.) NW Region: 0800 meet at Kahle Lake, Clarion Co. Band in Clarion and Jefferson Counties.
NE Region: Meet at NE Regional Office at 0800. Band at sites in Wyoming and Lackwanna Counties.

June 29 (Wed.) NE Region: Meet at Hamlin Comfort Inn at 0730 or PF&BC Duck Harbor at 0800. Band at locations to be determined in Wayne and Pike counties.
NW Region; Sites to be determined, if needed to meet quota.

June 30 (Thurs). SE Region: Meet at Comfort Inn, Fogelsville, Lehigh Co at 0800. Band at Iron Run Industrial Park near Fogelsville and locations to be determined in Bucks Co.
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Pigger thanks for the info. Figures I can't make it to my local one. I would love to help wih this. Or stand back and watch...because I have know idea how they do it.
I have never helped yet either but from what I understand the geese are in molt the end of June and can not fly. They just take like sections of fence and round them up in a group. They they blood sex them to determine their sex and age and then stick a band on'em and set them free.
Now I really want to go. That would be cool to see.
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