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Well, this is the week leading up to the Iowa Waterfowlers Protest at the state capitol and I hope many of you are able to attend with your hunting partners. I sent an e mail letter to all the Senators & Representatives who sit on the conservation committee or natural resource committee, notifying them of the protest time line. I also asked that they consider stopping by and talking with the waterfowlers of Iowa and listen to what they have to say on the duck season structure & zone structure issue.

This is about all of you who take issue over our duck season opening to early and closing before the ducks gets here. It is the opportunity that could be utilized to elevate the issue higher so that we can get the matter resolved. It's your opportunity to speak up, get active and engage the issue with your own perspective. It's your opportunity to let some of them know ,That we are not a silent minority. It's your opportunity to show that we DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GET IT DONE.

Jan 25th 1st floor of the rotunda from 3 to 4:30 pm. Then from 6 to 8 the legislative conservation reception or gathering at the quality inn. Those who scream the loudest and the longest prevail folks. It's truly up to you AND WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.

Again get the word out and encourage a road trip with your buddies. I myself look forward to getting to meet a bunch of you. Even if we do at times differ on opinion, it's still great to meet folks.

Bill Smith
Region 5 Waterfowler
Region 3 Conservationist
Iowa Sportsmen
[email protected]
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