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Patriotic my azz!!!

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:pissed: :pissed: guys I'm so pizzed. I sent an email to about 100 people trying to help me buy some camo shirts and calls and straps, hunting videos and beef jerky and cofffe and candy to send to Iraq for soldiers who hunt... well after 2 days I've gotten 2 emails and both were stupid questions and not anything to do with donations.

what the He11 is wrong with these people? I'm not even a born American and have more of a patriotic blood than others. I know what the soldiers are going through cause we fought Iraq before the U.S did ... I am so pizzed :pissed:

Do we have to live a hard life to realize what we have here?

I've been here and consider this my home but people here are so spoiled and selfish.

as long as they play their golf and have their Frapucinno they don't give a if others are dying for them. :pissed:

I feel sick to my stomach,,, sick sick sick... I can't stop typing but I must before I say something now I may regret later.
:pissed: :pissed:
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Jager, I know what your saying. Not to many people out there today that want to give a helping hand. You cant let a few lazy *** people hack you off. I dont see why people dont have the deepest pride for there country, instead they just take everything for granted.
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