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Mark McCummins said:
Just want to remind everyone that this FFA is the "Fund For Animals." Around here in W. Pennsy the FFA is still the Future Farmers of America, a group so far removed from that so-called "fund" that it's unreal. When I saw "FFA" I almost soiled my pants. An agricultural organization for high school students that even has skeet shooting @ its events going anti - hunting? Glad that I checked out the site. Talk about breathing a sigh of relief!
Mark, I'm Well Aware of what you mean............I along with a Young Lad from out west had to clear some things up on another Website about the Future Farmers of America!

I BET, if it was researched, the FFA (Future Farmers) Were around long before the Fund for Animals!

Maybe, they could make some money for the Kids by Sueing the Fund group and taking some Money away from them that would be BETTER Used by the Future Farmers!

:laughing: That could be interesting and would be GREAT if they Did!
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