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Saw that you guys were talking about this peta.

Not knowing who they were I decided to check the website out for myself.

Good lord you guys have them all over there dont you?!!

It is quite serious though.

Just a QUESTION though: How much of an impact have they had on hunting over there and do you fell threatend?

Here as new zealand becomes more urbanised I feel more and more that my sport becomes threatend.

Nature isnt some cruelty free sex party and we like all other animals deserve a right to be apart of something that we have been since homoerectus.

If I have ever seen group of crazy single issue nutters!! :pissed:

JOKE :toofunny:

:toofunny: How do you tell a level headed peta member????? :toofunny:

:toofunny: He dribles out both sides of his mouth!!!! :toofunny:
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kiwismakebetterlovers said:
HHHMMMM Well if meat is murder wouldnt milk be indecent assault???
That's great! :toofunny:

PETA has accounted for many of the terrorist attacks on US soil. They have burned fast food restaurants and medical testing sites. One of the dumbest things they did was dress up in a giant duck suit on opening day and go to harrass hunters. The only problem though, was that they went to a federally protected wetland were hunting wasn't allowed. If anything they pushed more ducks to eagerly waiting hunters on legal hunting grounds. I absolutely hate those f#%$'s.
Thats great! She should just go ahead and donate those parts now, so she can reap the benefits of her selflessness. :toofunny:
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