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Saw that you guys were talking about this peta.

Not knowing who they were I decided to check the website out for myself.

Good lord you guys have them all over there dont you?!!

It is quite serious though.

Just a QUESTION though: How much of an impact have they had on hunting over there and do you fell threatend?

Here as new zealand becomes more urbanised I feel more and more that my sport becomes threatend.

Nature isnt some cruelty free sex party and we like all other animals deserve a right to be apart of something that we have been since homoerectus.

If I have ever seen group of crazy single issue nutters!! :pissed:

JOKE :toofunny:

:toofunny: How do you tell a level headed peta member????? :toofunny:

:toofunny: He dribles out both sides of his mouth!!!! :toofunny:
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Look at learn from australia in the international hunting forum
We once got s survey thing from them. In teh servay the asked howyou liked animals and we gave them some of our favoret resipies :laughing: . They haven't sent any thing else to this house. :salude:
I'm lucky, I've never seen a PETA member, and god forgive me in advance if I ever do...

These goose hunters show PETA some love & the international fraternal high sign... in Texas we call that ol' # 11 :yes:

:withstupid: :laughing: :toofunny: :laughing: :withstupid: :salude:
:toofunny: :laughing: :laughing: :toofunny:

Quack, you should email PETA that pic & see if you get a responce from 'em.

That is a KIKKIN pic!!!!!!!

:toofunny: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

All I can say is :salude:
Now that is some photography :mrgreen: :yes: :smile:
Love the pic everytime I see it :thumbsup:
:getdown: :salude: :getdown: :toofunny: :mrgreen: :toofunny:
PETA People Eating Tastey Animals!!!!!!
In highschool, I took every opportunity I could to express the beleifs of the lawful sports man... there were a few times we were asked to do presentations, basicall given free reign... my first one in grade 10, I ended up bring in my archery equipment, a .22 and my moms 12 gauge! (can't get away with that in a school now). But I just talked about the hunting, the ethics, and the reasons why its not such a bad thing.
In grade 12 or OAC (grade 13... basically is college in highschool) I did a gun rights speech, this was just after the canadian GVT brought in the gun registry that was supposed to cost 2 million but cost us 2 BILLION... whats with that?! and gun crimes have seemingly gone up... hate to say it, but all us legal owners knew the outcome of this a long time ago...
I've come across a few animal rights people... I speak my mind and put them in their place... I explain how its not a brutal thing and that I do feel remorce for the animal... and if nobody hunted... that would be a mess!
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I live about 3 minutes away from their main headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, and i think they are a bunch of lame a$$holes... they put up all these protests and what not abotu fishing and hunting... i just love catching a few stripers right in front of their pier ( they are on the water... i live near the elizabeth river near the chesapeake bay)... they come out and yell at me... it makes my day... Did anyone else hear about some peta peopel getting caught throwing dead cats and dogs in a dumpster in Ahoskie, NC... supposed ot be finding a place for them to live... PETA sucks
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