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I hunt in michigan and have never seen a pintail around or never heard of one but everyone always says that the white stands out well from a distance. Would this look odd to the mallards and teals around here or would it not matter if they were not to common aorund here???
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Let's put it this way...I live in North Dakota and an Eider Decoy would really stand out in my decoy spread, but chances are the ducks wouldn't think so. Now pintails probably wouldn't be as blatantly obvious as and Eider, but when the ducks get decoy shy the pintails might scare them off. If I were you, I might think about buying some diver decoys instead. You guys got divers around there, don't you? Maybe some blue bills or golden eye decs. They have very prominant white on them that also stands out.

Hope that helps...good luck! :salude:
yea we have tons of divers, i dont see many in the marsh but a lot on lake michigan. I will consider your advice of adding blue bill decoys. I have a bunch but i never put them in my marsh spread.
I have hunted with divers in the marsh and had fantastic results. It was in the late season, and the guy put the divers on one side and the mallards on the other. We just absolutely smoked them that day (it was also my first duck hunt over decoys). The black on the bluebills really stands out from above, and the ducks can see them from along ways off. I have seen guys paint bleach bottles black to make the spread more visible from a distance.
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