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Please read over the Terms and Conditions Before Posting

Please Pay Attention to these Terms.

Businesses may not use the forum in any way to sell their products or services. Advertising inquiries may be forwarded to [email protected]

Please don't drop promotional urls (we do not allow sig file urls). Signing your name is fine, however commercialized posts or resume signatures will be edited. We tend to err on the side of caution to protect the integrity of the system by reducing flippant commercialized posts. Affiliate based URLs are not allowed anywhere on the system.

The forums are not a venue for advertisements in any way. It will be the sole discretion of and its moderators as to what constitutes an advertisement.

You CANNOT use the email links or PMs to spam our users of your products or services. Any instance will result in an immediate ban, no questions asked.

PLEASE Abid by these Terms and Conditions!

Thank you

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