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Polar Craft

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found a 18ft with a merc 650 tiller. and trailer..the guy is asking $3000..if thats in range or too high.
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How old is it? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
is the merc 650 a 65 horse? I dont know the age of the boat or motor. id say the motor is a mid 80's and my guess is the boats about the same.
Maybe someone misprinted the ad, or the motor might actually say "65.0". Just a hunch. Sounds like a pretty good deal still. Maybe too good?
the motor has 650 on it..seen it with my own 2 eyes. also has "thunderbolt start" on it...i looked at the boat again today...its got a false wood/outdoor carpet floor in it and looks like its in pretty good shape.
just talked to the guy for the first time, its actually a 20ft and it is a 1985 merc. 65 horse. he said the only problem with the boat is the electric choek doesnt work. Is this boat worth $3000? thanks guys
Does it come with a trailer? Ask the guy to knock off the price of the new choke. That boat should be rated for around 85hp so its not over powered, that's a good thing. $3000 to me that's about right, the only question I have is, does it have rivets? If so check the bow to see if its been stretched, what I mean by that is, has the bow been beat. It's a flat bottom; the bottom metal will show fatigue. It will have little waves in it, and the rivets will leak. If it's in the water take it out and look at the bottom. If it's a newer P Craft it might be all wielded, if so buy it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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