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Possession limits & travel

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I have a question about possession limits...If I go on an out-of-state duck hunt, say for 4 days, and shoot limits, am I not allowed to bring all ducks home since I have more than two limits in my possession? The Federal regs say possession ends when you put them in the mail (or some common carrier like Fed Ex) addressed to another person. So is the only way to handle this issue?
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I don't know what the actual laws are but I can relate my experience.

I hunt in Alberta every year for ducks and geese. I spend 4 days hunting and bring back all of the birds I shoot, plucked by the Hutterites and packed into ice chests with appropriate Alberta provincial paperwork... I have never had a problem. I have flown and driven.

I also hunt in Sonora, Mexico for doves every year and I bring back an ice chest filled with the legal DAILY limit which is 60 mourning and 45 whitewing. All properly tagged and all Sonora state paperwork attached. I fly for that trip.

So it seems to me that I am allowed to bring back whatever the possesion limit is in the place I have hunted.
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