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Post Season Youth Waterfowl Hunts for Feb 6 and 7

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Hi All,
For the Junior hunt that will take place on Feb 6 and 7, does anyone know which wildlife area/Refuge in California are open for these waterfowl hunts ? I know Grizzly Island is one of them.
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From the DFG website for Saturday:

"Youth waterfowl hunt in Southern California, Southern San Joaquin Valley and Balance
of State zones. Bear Creek, China Island, Colusa, Delevan, Freitas Boat North, Freitas Boat
South, Gadwall, Gray Lodge, Grizzly Island, Kern, Kesterson, Little Dry Creek, Llano Seco,
Los Banos, Mendota, Merced, Sacramento, Salt Slough, San Jacinto, San Luis, Stone Lakes,
Volta, Wister, Yolo Bypass"

If you want to get him into some possible geese, don't forget the Special Delta hunt. It might be hit or miss, but the DFG guys there are really helpful on the junior hunt. PM me if you want more info.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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