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Practicing up my shooting

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I went out last night and visited the neighbor. I heard pigeons cooing in the barn and went back home and got the mossberg pump and some #6 shot. My daughter scared them out and I got 3 with 5 shots. :hammer: They come out of the barn at 30 mph and they swoop and swerve as they fly. I took my buddy two weeks ago and he was 1 for 7 on his shooting and was amazed how tough they are to hit when leaving or coming back into the barn.

I'm looking forward to goose season with my shooting really being tuned up. :yes:
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They did not look to appealing when we were finished. One sailed into the neighbors corn and two landed in the horse pasture for the dog to retrieve. He was so nuts to have birds in his mouth again and then we started playing. They get roughed up pretty fast after several throws and retrieves.

I still got a frozen hen Mergie in the freezer. I can cook that for you Mike. I heard they are real good. :wink:
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