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You'll have to turn the wings. What that means is you have to invert the feathers on the wing around the arm muscle, and remove the meat and tendons. (You can leave the bones) It would also help to flesh the fat away from the quills of the feathers. you could use a wire brush to do this, assuming you don't have a wire fleshing wheel. When you are done with this you would need to clean the wings with luke-warm water and Dawn dish soap.(to remove fat) Rinse the wings with cold water, (You may need to repeat if there is excess grease), then to remove the water you need to soak the wing in odorless mineral spirits for like 5 minutes.(Wear latex gloves) The last thing you need to do is cover the skin on the inside of the wing (where the muscle was) with Borax bleach. I would stuff the wing with cotton batting.Blow dry with low heat, and the feathers should lay out real pretty. Now doesn't that sound easy! As soon as you try to invert the wing you'll realize why people pay good money to go to a quality taxidermist. I will tell you though, that if you can get through this process, you're on your way to becoming a hobbiest taxidermist. Good luck, You may become addicted! Wings cupped, Pete
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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