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I am torn between the two sides, scince bush has been president my medical has doubled or more yet bush does nothing about it, gas has doubled, there are more people in poverty, we lose our good paying jobs in trade for much less, just to stay on our feet, then he claims it must be better because the unemployment rate is getting closer to normal, our standerd of living is decreasing rapidly, texas is a very poor state, and our nation is becoming poorer, he gives tax breakes to big companies that are outsourcing jobs overseas, in my trade we have 20 % unemployment, electritions are at 60%, I myself have only worked about 9 months each year, but someguy's haven't worked six months in the last two years, basicly I'm having a hard time affording to go hunting, even though I can because my rights weren't stripped, yet, I voted for bush last time, but I just caint afford it again, I have to work or I caint afford to go, I don't realy like either canidate, but I'm forced to vote for the one who supports blue collar AMERICANS, and my wages, not white collard forigners. imo, the only thing that bush did to help me is let that gun ban expire. I know if kerry is elected he will support our wages and such, but what about our hunting rights and gun rights?? that's anybodys guess.
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