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CoryHockey2011 said:
Guys i live in iowa but dont want to intrude at all. I have family in Missouri and am attending college for 4 years. I plan on staying and living in Missouri. Ive snow goose hunted the squaw creek area and heard stories of bob brown from family. I dont want to know your secret spots or favorite holes, over time ill end up finding my own. Its tough to be on your own for college, But i dont want to end up like everyone says i will not being able to hunt 80 days of the season. Im a waterfowler fellas.. Just like you. I was looking for the names of public marshes and things in the trenton area. Maybe ill draw in but i like to do my own thing just like the next guy and ill be out of your hair with a field or pond with permission. If its to much to ask for help on a help and question feed back site than dont bother replying. has all the info you need.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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